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Private Practice Kickstart
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How do you grow a private practice?

Starting a private practice is the first step to spreading your wings, flying away from employment and into being your own boss and leader. At some point, you put processes in place for things to run more smoothly. You ride the waves of owning a business without feeling like everything will fall apart when you have a client terminate.
Many therapists then start to feel there is more. They have more to give, more creativity to serve in new ways and they want to grow their practice beyond the 1:1 world of services.
So how do you grow the practice?
There is never a one size fits all when it comes to building your business. You can build a group practice, at group therapy, retreats, intensives, online sessions or you can move into products like books and courses.
But HOW you grow the practice is important. You want to consider timing. Is your first business at hand running well and is established? You can’t grow something that doesn’t exist yet. You want the foundation to be solid first.
Next, you want to look at where you shine. How do you best serve? What is the best use of your talents? Just because others are doing a podcast, doesn’t mean that it is the best way for you to spend your time. Focus on your highest and best.
After you sort through timing and options, you want to look at what is the biggest need for those whom you want to serve. What are they asking for or googling? Where do they go to get their needs met (gym, doctors, yoga retreats, etc) when you could help them in your unique way?
Even with these quick tips to sorting through growing your practice, the beauty is, we have never seen someone do it the same as another person.
So as you start to think of growth, think of how best to serve and to meet the needs of others. And it’s ok if the timing isn’t the best right now. You have time and if you listen to what you and your business needs, you will be far more successful at a steady pace than to force something that isn’t ready. How about you? What are you doing to grow your practice? 
How do you grow a private practice?

Miranda Palmer, LMFT

Miranda Palmer, LMFT is passionate about empowering therapists to be extraordinary. Palmer trains therapists how to develop private practices that not only thrive financially, but that provide excellence in clinical care through free private practice marketing trainings, the Business School Bootcamp for therapists, and free study group for licensing exams for pre-licensed therapists.


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