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Starting an Online Psychoanalaysis Office in Dublin, Ireland

Why did you decide to become a psychotherapist?

Before training as a psychotherapist, I had a career in international development so was fortunate to travel to many countries and interact with people from many different cultures. During this work it became clear that despite the huge variety of circumstances and backgrounds the people I met came from, so many of their concerns were similar – they were stressed with work, fighting with a loved one, anxious, in a bad relationship, or feeling overwhelmed. Yet behind the similarities in people’s complaint, each and every person had a unique story that led to them feeling the way they did. I became more interested in people and their stories and trying to help relieve some of their sufferings, so I made the decision to do it professionally.

How did you decide on your orientation and what is it?

I practice psychoanalysis, or psychoanalytic psychotherapy, which is historically associated with Freud and more recently the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.  In this approach, the analyst pays close attention to the speech of the client, not just what is said but how it is said, and through this listening can work with the client to uncover the causes of the client’s suffering that were hidden. It respects the singular nature of everyone’s life experiences, and so resists any kind of ‘one-size-fits-all’ attempts at a solution.
What have you learned since joining the counselling practice in South Dublin?
No matter what name someone gives to their symptom, be It anxiety, depression, addiction, bi-polar, or any number of labels, the cause, and consequently the solution, to their problem is always unique and singular.

Why did you and your business partner decide to offer online psychoanalysis?

The idea for online psychotherapy and psychoanalysis came from our clients who began to request it. People are becoming more familiar and comfortable with having relationships over greater distances because they are working in international companies or living in a different country to their families. Increasingly, technology makes communication easier and easier, and where once someone may have lived an impractical distance from a therapist, with online video technology that barrier is no longer there. Psychoanalysis is a talk-based therapy, so as long as there is a stable internet connection and you have a quiet, private space for 45 minutes, you can get the help that previously would have been denied you.

What is your favourite thing about having a counselling practice located in South Dublin?

Being based in South Dublin means that there is a huge variety of people from different countries and backgrounds who are looking for help. There is a strong presence of international companies alongside local Dubliners, so there is an extensive experience of working with people from all over the world. Combining this with the increase in online psychotherapy work I am doing means that the clinic is one with a truly international outlook.

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Starting an Online Psychoanalaysis Office in Dublin, Ireland

Miranda Palmer, LMFT

Miranda Palmer, LMFT is passionate about empowering therapists to be extraordinary. Palmer trains therapists how to develop private practices that not only thrive financially, but that provide excellence in clinical care through free private practice marketing trainings, the Business School Bootcamp for therapists, and free study group for licensing exams for pre-licensed therapists.


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