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with Miranda Palmer, LMFT
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Business Mindset for Therapists

Private Practice Success Stories: Live Panel Replay

We feel so incredibly honored to have had such an awesome group of therapists agree to share their stories during the live panel webinar training for therapists! And we feel even more honored that each of them shared their experience in our Business School Bootcamp for Therapists and how it impacted their private practice development. Scroll down to listen and/or watch their stories today!
Here are the awesome alumni who were featured during this live panel:

Dr. Gary Brown shared his...

Business Mindset for Therapists

Guest Post: The Case for Therapist Consultation Groups

Dr. Karin Lawson, a psychologist in Ft. Lauderdale, FL is a beautiful evangelist for consultation groups for therapists. And guess what, we are too! So, we are excited to share a guest post about why you should consider joining or starting a consultation group stat!

Therapists are not in consultation groups. Okay, I'm making generalities, but word on the street is that you're lonely in your practice, yearning for a supportive, non-judgmental group of professionals. Sometimes...

Business Mindset for Therapists

Can Improving Clinical Outcomes in 2019 Improve Your Income?

At the end of the day, if you aren't doing great clinical work, it is going to be difficult to have a successful, sustainable business. Ultimately, everything you do from your business vision, business planning, business processes, development of your niche, your marketing message, and your marketing activities should be focused on doing excellent clinical work.

How Your Business Decisions Impact Your Outcomes

What a lot of therapists know intuitively but aren't honest with themselves about is...

Business Advice for Therapists

Coach vs Counselor: Is Psychotherapy Viable as a Business in 2019?

Coach vs Counselor, the debate continues. If I talk to 5 therapists a week, at least two of them will ask me one of the following questions: Should I switch to coaching from psychotherapy? Should I become a therapeutic coach? Do you think this coaching certification will help improve my referrals? When we explore at the core of their question is: Can I really make a livable income as a therapist? Is a private...

Business Mindset for Therapists

5 Steps to Taking Action in your Private Practice

Being in private practice may just be the best decision you’ve ever made for your career.  You get to serve the clients you want to serve, and your earning potential as a private practice owner far exceeds most agency jobs. The best part?  You get to call the shots. But with all of that freedom, do you ever feel like you have too many ideas and not enough direction? It’s time to take five...

Business Mindset for Therapists

Niche & Specialization: Ethics or Business?

Last week we presented at the Therapy Reimagined Conference in Los Angeles to a room of passionate clinicians in private practice. We spent 90 minutes digging into the ethics of niche and specialization and how it impacts client experiences and outcomes from the first contact to termination. In many ways it really came down to the question:

Niche & Specialization: Is it a business decision or an ethical decision?

The truth is, our businesses are based on the legal...

Business Mindset for Therapists

Private Practice Success

What makes a private practice successful? Why can one therapist start a private practice and be full in just two months, while another therapist is struggling to fill their calendar two years after their doors open? And, is a full schedule really the sign of whether a private practice is successful or not? The truth is, every person's private practice needs and every situation is different. Creating a successful private practice requires you to do some research, understand...

Business Mindset for Therapists

How a Therapist Changed Austin Coworking

Getting a graduate degree in Psychology can leave a lot of therapists feeling like they have limited options for how to use their psychology degree. But, when you are passionate about humans, the way they relate, and how to help them live great lives, there are actually limitless options for how you can take that vision into the world.

Laura Shook Guzman is a somatic therapist in Austin, TX who took who her passion, education, and...

Business Mindset for Therapists

When to ask for help in your private practice

Many private practices start off as solo-preneur adventures. This means you, as the owner, end up wearing a lot of hats. Newsflash, that can be tough when you have only one head. BUT it's not impossible.

Each one of us brings strengths when we start this journey. Some of us are great with money and understanding numbers (not me). Some of us love to plan and implement strategies (totally me). Others of us just want to do...