Private Practice Kickstart
with Miranda Palmer, LMFT
& Kelly Higdon, LMFT

Beyond the couch

Do Therapists Need Income Streams to be Successful?

I want to tell you a story of three fictional therapists who decided to launch a new stream of income in private practice.

Sally is an overworked therapist working in an agency transitions to private practice. They keep working at the agency part-time, doing private practice and don't have enough hours in the day to make enough money in private practice to take the leap and quit the agency job. They hear about the idea of...

Business Mindset for Therapists

The Ultimate Private Practice Training Series: Developing Your Niche

Developing Your Niche

Niche - it should be easy right? It's one of the biggest things we conquered in bootcamp and now we want to help you deal with this too.

Niche by definition is simply a specialized but profitable corner of the market. Choosing a niche gives your private practice a trajectory. When you have a niche, you are able to do market research needed for business planning. You also are clear in your marketing messages about...

Business Mindset for Therapists

The Ultimate Private Practice Training Series: Business Planning

The Ultimate Private Practice Training Series: Business Planning
Are you looking for free training on how to develop a private practice plan that inspires you, and allows you to make a great income? We have a 60-minute free training for you to watch below!
Before you try to fill out your private practice business plan, you need to clarify what you really want from your business, and how you do your best clinical work. Take this first step...

Business Mindset for Therapists

How do you grow a private practice?

Starting a private practice is the first step to spreading your wings, flying away from employment and into being your own boss and leader. At some point, you put processes in place for things to run more smoothly. You ride the waves of owning a business without feeling like everything will fall apart when you have a client terminate.

Many therapists then start to feel there is more. They have more to give, more creativity to serve...