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Launching a Practice Should Be Fun

When I worked for the county, I managed a staff of therapists, psychiatrists, nurses and support staff. I came into the clinic after it had faced a lot of morale issues. People were frustrated and rightfully slow. I am so grateful for that experience because it forced me to get creative and to pull out people's strengths, energize and encourage them.

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Building a Private Practice- Real Life Stories Featuring Rebecca Wong, LCSW

Here is the interview with Rebecca Wong, LCSW: 
Kelly: Hey, guys. Welcome to another episode of Real Life Stories, Building a Private Practice. I’m joined today by the amazing Rebecca Wong. She’s an LCSW in New York and the founder of Connectfulness. Welcome.
Rebecca: Thanks, Kelly.
Kelly: Why don’t you share a little bit about where you, what kind practice you have right...

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Spirituality and Documentation: Action Steps for Integration

Thank you to Maelisa Hall for this great guest post.

If you’re a culturally competent counselor then you’ve considered how spirituality impacts treat
ment. That usually inc
ludes two different aspects:

Looking at your client holistically and taking into consideration their preferences and personal beliefs

Examining your own beliefs so you are able to identify potential biases and support your clients in the best way possible

But have you considered what...

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Entrepreneurship and Relationships – How to Stay Connected While Building a Private Practice

I reached out to Jenev because I was desperate to have you hear her message. More often than not, while we love building our practices, it can deter from our relationships and if we aren't fostering intimacy and connection, our relationship can take a back seat. I have seen it too often with therapists. We are not immune.

You can find out more about Dr. Jenev Caddell at

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How To Do Grief with Your Clients

Thank you to Jill A. Johnson-Young, LCSW for this great guest post. Grief, loss of a loved one, and bereavement are some of the most common key words used by potential clients looking for a therapist. They represent a practice specialty that many therapists approach as a generalist area not requiring advanced training. I’m not going to claim everyone needs training, given the right background, but most therapists are not experienced in the business end of...