Private Practice Kickstart
with Miranda Palmer, LMFT
& Kelly Higdon, LMFT

Business Advice for Therapists

Your Private Practice Challenge for 2017

A new year, a new focus, and a new opportunity to get your private practice business on track. 

There are many components to getting your private practice solid - business planning, financial planning, marketing planning and skill building. It can feel like a juggling act. That's why we want to take you through some key components of your business and look at how each impacts the therapeutic relationship as well. 

When approaching your business, it's good to...

Business Advice for Therapists

Can you do a lower fee?

Can you do a lower fee?

Can you do a lower fee?

The exchange of money for your services is not simply a financial transaction in business. There is often an unconscious exchange happening as well, an acknowledgment of roles and of value.

This exchange is powerful when brought into the room between a client and therapist. It opens the door to discuss what therapy means to them if it is...

Business Advice for Therapists

How To Generate Income in Private Practice for 2017

The year is almost over and many of you are planning how you will be generating income in your private practice.

Look at what worked this past year. Where did your income come from?
For some of you, you offered 1:1 services and you haven't looked beyond the type of 1:1 services. Who was your ideal client in your practice. Was it more of the couples? the groups? the teens? the individuals? Really take a look at who...

Business Advice for Therapists

3 Steps To In Person Networking

You've made a coffee date with a colleague, you sit down to chat, and then your mind goes blank! What

should you say? Take a breath. You've got this!

When you are meeting with people in person here are the three steps to making the networking easy peasy!

1. Ask about them. Get to know them as a person before you get to know about their business. Do they have kids? Are they from the area? This is information you...

Beyond the couch

Therapists: Do You Need to Make More Money?

A new article was just posted that showed that 5 of the top 13 worst paying jobs that require a master's degree were all variations of counselors and helpers. Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, School Counselors, etc. all made the top list- despite these being positions that require not just a master's degree but specific training, expertise, licensure, and so much more.

As the end of the year approaches, it is time to get...

Business Advice for Therapists

Crisis in Private Practice – Are you prepared?

Recently I wrote about my experience of having a miscarriage and its impact on my private practice (You can read about it here). I bring up this topic because I think often times our practices are ill prepared for when life happens to us.

As business owners, and often many of us are solo in our practices, we are the main instrument of service. When something stressful happens to us, it can impact our services. We are taught to get insurance in case of an accident. We are encouraged to have our wills in place. All fun stuff, right? But how do you get prepared when you are in private practice?