The New Therapist
with Anthony D. Smith, LMHC


Signs of Major Depression Subtypes: Anxious Distress

It's no secret that Anxiety conditions and Depression co-occur. In fact, most researchers agree they co-occur at least 60% of the time. They're so interrelated that most antidepressants are also often effective for anxiety; both conditions are highly associated with decreased serotonin. With these facts in mind, it's no surprise that some people, when they experience an MDD episode, there is an onset of some specific anxiety that is congruent to the depression.


Improving Diagnostic Accuracy: Have Skepticism, Part 1

Edgar Allan Poe suggested that we should believe none of what we hear and only half of what we see. While it is wise to not be gullible or naive, his suggestion seems a little extreme. Perhaps “Believe half of what you hear and most of what you see” is more, well, believable. Afterall, 27. 14% of all facts are made up on the spot (I think), and, especially if you have a forensic background, you know that some of what we witness can be feigned.