The New Therapist
with Anthony D. Smith, LMHC


The end….

Though I've only blogged here for three months, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you Psych Central is undergoing major changes and will not be publishing new material for some time. At this point, it is unclear whether current Psych Central...

Forensic psychology

Forensic Psychology Careers: Correctional Facilities

As noted in the 8/5/2020 post, mental illness disproportionately abounds in our nation's inmates. Given the evolving rehabilitative lens of modern corrections, the need for psychology professionals to evaluate and treat inmates has skyrocketed. What was once a largely punitive process, many correctional departments have come to recognize the role that illness, both mental and physical, plays in people's entry to the legal system. Helping inmates stabilize and understand how their illness contributed to their sentence helps not only the person served, but in keeping society safer.


How to Discuss Diagnosis With Psychotherapy Patients

On Wednesday, we explored the utility of disclosing a diagnosis to psychotherapy patients. More often than not, discussing the diagnosis goes a long way in setting the stage for someone's treatment. However, it cannot be a "by the way" commentary if we are to put them at ease and foster patients' curiosity about their mental health, which can accelerate treatment.