The New Therapist
with Anthony D. Smith, LMHC

About Anthony D. Smith, LMHC

Anthony SmithAnthony Smith, LMHC is a licensed mental health counselor in Massachusetts with 20 years of experience. His work has encompassed therapy and diagnostic evaluations across a wide array of populations both demographically and clinically. Admittedly, he hadn’t a clue where his career was going to lead him, figuring he would simply be a therapist helping people solve interesting problems. It was the tip of the iceberg, as he discovered psychology to be a much richer and more varied career path than he was ever made aware of.

Anthony’s career began at a county jail when an internship assessing and treating inmates led to being hired. For 9 years, he developed a lively interest in forensic populations from both a clinical and social perspective, and he learned how to work effectively with many conditions including chronic/severe mental illness and personality disorders. In 2012 Anthony changed roles in the forensic arena and began working in the juvenile courts, providing diagnostic evaluations to help guide the courts in their proceedings with troubled youth and families. Along the way, for 11 years, Anthony managed a private therapy practice, where he focused on treating teens, adults and seniors with mood, anxiety, personality and adjustment-related disorders.

Having early on witnessed the damage that inaccurate diagnosis and misinformed treatment can lead to, Anthony naturally evolved a keen interest in diagnostic assessment and training new practitioners. Because he still had spare time, in 2011, he took up an offer to join the adjunct faculty of a local university where he found a stage for his soapbox about the importance of accurate understanding of mental illness. As a professor, Anthony discovered a knack for teaching and has felt fortunate to teach abnormal psychology every semester and create courses about the lived experience of people with mental illness in order to reduce stigma and increase empathy. He also supervises graduate students in their counseling practicums.

Anthony’s love of psychology, coupled with enjoyment for teaching and helping new practitioners start off well informed was fertile ground for blogging. The New Therapist blog aims to not only discuss items he wishes he understood better as a new practitioner, but to address topics students bring to the table, and shine light on opportunities for improvement he has noticed new practitioners struggle with over the years.

When not evaluating, teaching or blogging, Anthony can be found hiking and fly fishing around the Northeast and American West.



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