2 thoughts on “Paranoia: It’s More Than Fear

  • July 28, 2020 at 8:50 pm

    you are incorrect in your segment on PTSD and the Amygdala. Please update to reflect neuroplasticity. Although still a young research area and human studies must always be approached with caution, there is evidence that the amygdala can be “shrunk” and the connectivity with the prefrontal cortex can be strengthened, both of which improve reactivity and hypervigilance in PTS. Mindfulness and surprisingly cannabis, both address this and have given hope to many sufferers that yes, you can change your wiring to some degree and improve your condition. PTS is not necessarily a life sentence. Yes, Mindfulness has been overblown to some degree, but the research IS there that supports its role in neuroplasticity. It does have to be tailored to be trauma informed (focusing on the breath can be triggering for a rape survivor). Your outdated statement that the brain cannot be changed causes a great deal of harm and many do not seek treatment because of the hopelessness this breeds. Please update your article to at least open the door that there are effective treatments that can ease these very real physical changes to the brain brought on by trauma THROUGH brain changes brought on by behaviors and practices.

    and references therein

    • July 29, 2020 at 10:16 pm

      Thanks for reading, and for pointing out current, more solid research indicating the amygdala can indeed reduce in volume. I made the necessary correction to the post. I’m sorry you feel the post implied hopelessness and “death sentence” by not initially noting the potential for amygdalar volume reduction. Regardless of what happens to the amygdala’s volume, in my defense, I clearly explained in the post that the amygdala can indeed be quieted, indicating positive direction, and should be part of the person’s care; no “death sentence” was implied


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