Celebrating Death

A general is well advised To achieve nothing more than his orders: Not to take advantage of his victory. Nor to glory, boast or pride himself; To do what is dictated by necessity, Not by choice. For even...

Psychotherapy is Alive and Talking in Psychiatry

The title of Gardiner Harris’s front-page story in the March 6 New York Times was blunt: “Talk Doesn’t Pay, So Psychiatry Turns Instead to Drug Therapy.” For those of us who see our profession as a humanistic calling, this piece is likely to provoke a mixture of sadness and anger. After all, its depiction of psychiatric practice was one of...


Elegant Knockdowns, DISC1, and Schizophrenia

When I was a grad student—back in the Jurassic Era of molecular manipulations—my lab mates and I were all transfixed by the notion of a new technology: knockout animals (KOAs). This was because of its promise to solve a vexing problem.

The Psychiatric ER Survival Guide

The psychiatric emergency room (ER) is an intense, stressful work environment where psychiatrists must perform rapid assessments and make swift treatment decisions. During psychiatry residency training, the ER ...

The Neurobiology of Conscious Intent

Perhaps the seminal component of any clinician’s behavioral repertoire is the ability to understand the conscious motivations and intentions of their clients. This article addresses the work of conscious motivations at the neuroanatomical level.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Short- and long-term psychodynamic psychotherapies are effective for several psychiatric disorders, as described in 2 recent mental health publications and by Glen Gabbard, MD, an international expert on the...