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Psych Central has partnered with a number of firms and organizations to bring mental health professionals special offers that may be of interest. We work with what we consider to be leading-class publishers, educators, researchers, marketers, and others who provide valuable services and products to psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, and other kinds of psychotherapists.

We hope you find these services of use to you in your clinical or research practice.


Professional Publications

Like what you’ve read on Psych Central Professional? We work with a number of publishers who create specialized, useful content for clinicians, some of which we publish here. The content we publish from them, however, is just a small taste of the wealth of articles, essays and timely insights they offer. So we encourage you to consider subscribing to their newsletter or magazine today by clicking on one of the below links:

The Carlat Report

As their partner, I’m pleased to offer our readers an exclusive 25% discount one-year subscription to any of the four Carlat newsletters: The Carlat Psychiatry Report, The Carlat Child Psychiatry Report, The Carlat Behavioral Health Report or The Carlat Report Addiction Treatment.

Use coupon code PC13 upon checkout to receive this exclusive offer.



The National Psychologist



No current offers. Both The Carlat Psychiatry Report and The National Psychologist offer CEUs for mental health professionals.


Free Therapist Directory

Sign up with Psych Central’s Therapist directory and get a free listing for life! For all professional clinicians, therapists and psychiatrists.


Online Survey Research Tool

Want a free online survey tool for your research study? Check out SurveyShare. If you contact us regarding your use of this tool, we’ll send you a coupon code that will give you a year’s free use of it. (Please put “SurveyShare coupon code” as your subject line.) Don’t sign up until you get the code from us!









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