The Recovery Expert
with Sharie Stines, Psy.D.


Healing from a Trauma Bond

“Powerful emotional attachments are seen to develop from two specific features of abusive relationships: one partner’s need for control and intermittent good-bad treatment.”

If you find yourself stuck in an unhealthy relationship and do not know what to do, the following practical steps will help you heal from a trauma bond.


Developing an Inner Compassionate Companion

It is so essential, for recovery, to have an inner compassionate companion.  In fact, I would contend, that this is one of the most important ingredients for an emotionally healthy life, because, first of all, the most important relationship you develop is the one you have with yourself.  Some may argue that having a relationship with God is the most important relationship, and I would agree, but, the most important human relationship you have is the one with yourself; especially in recovery.


Welcome to The Recovery Expert

Developing the tools to better understand yourself is important skill to learn. Whether it's trying to recover from a trauma or the hurt of a past relationship, recovery is an often complex process. But a person can recover from the damage in their lives caused by an addiction, abuse or trauma.

That's why I'm please to introduce The Recovery Expert with Sharie Stines, MBA, PsyD, CATC-I. Sharie is a writer, an educator, and a counselor...