Resurrecting the Great Mother

Exploration of Self

To be who we are here to be and who we are meant to be, we need to return to the beauty and the power of the Great Mother. Relating to the archetypal Great Mother, in her positive and negative dimensions, allows for an in-depth exploration of self.

She challenges us to identify the creator and destroyer within ourselves and to transcend internal splits, so as to actualize the potential for wholeness and balance. She challenges us to examine our relationship to mothering so as to differentiate balanced reality-based perceptions from archetypal projections. She challenges us to discover the archetypal character of the Great Mother who lives in the imagination of each of us so as to make possible a different relation to our personal mother.

Only then can we forgive her for not being what she could not have been—the omniscient all-giving source—and understand her unresolved wounds. When we are able to return our mother to her source, to see her in relation to, but distinct from the archetype, as its necessarily frail and fallible carrier, we may at last be able to bless what is communicated through her and to forgive what she could not give, and have gratitude for what she can.

Unearthing wounds rooted in the mother-complex is a necessary step towards healing and connecting with the Great Mother from a place of renewal. Psychological resources and spiritual rituals can be instrumental in repairing deep core injuries related to the mother. The exploration of non-dualistic spiritual traditions, which integrate the masculine and feminine dimensions of existence, is
a fundamental part of relating to and revering the Great Mother.

Modern day spiritual gatherings revisit ancient Goddess traditions and rituals to celebrate the Great Mother’s divinity on solstices, equinoxes and full moons. By invoking the Divine Mother through prayer, ritual and meditation, the sacredness of nature and female power can be honored and thus, a harmonizing of psyche and spirit can occur.

On a global scale, we need the cooperative nurturing and maternal sustenance of the Mother to transform the world’s suffering. We need to learn to trust feminine power. As we strive to become more empathetic and attuned to the presence of the various faces of the archetypal mother within ourselves, and within our relationship with our personal mothers, perhaps shadow projections will dissipate and a more holistic sense of self and others can prevail.

To heal the mother-complex is to heal all mankind. When we finally discover her beauty and her fierceness within ourselves, perhaps then we can resurrect the splendor of the Great Mother in all her dimensions.

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Resurrecting the Great Mother

Rev Sheri Heller, LCSW

Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW, is a seasoned NYC psychotherapist with 25+ years experience in the addiction and mental health fields. Sheri is also an interfaith minister and playwright, and the founder of The Sistah Tribe - Phoenix Project, a therapeutic theater event for at-risk women and girls in the public sector of NYC. For more information, visit


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