Seven Ways to Increase Your Private Pay Income

You’ve got something of enormous value for your potential private pay clients.

The problem is, they don’t know it.

And they have no reason to believe you when you tell them all about it. That’s not how it works. If people are going to trust you with their personal time, money, needs, hopes and dreams, then they need more than words to help them commit.

Worse, your clients have no real way to ever experience the full value that you have to offer unless they invest in your actual product or service over time.

I call this the experience gap. Your potential new clients do not have enough experience with you to know that you are a wise investment.

Now, that leaves us in a quandary.

How do you convince people to take the risk of hiring you or if there’s no way for them to know up front that it will be worth it?

If you’re in business for yourself as a coach, counselor, consultant or work in a performance-based position, you have something to sell. Sell it well and your income potential is increases dramatically. Fail to sell it and your income is non-existent.

That’s the beauty and the risk of determining your own destiny. If you’re cut out for this kind of work, then you thrive on the challenge. And you should always seek new skills to grow your potential.

Recently, my coaching practice has grown substantially. Reflecting on the new client acquisition system I designed, I wanted to share the following factors that make it work so well. These various forms of communication give people confidence to invest and cross the experience gap.

1. Priority Number One: Self-Confidence

Self-confidence. If you don’t have some, then consider getting it to be priority number one. If you don’t believe in yourself and your work, don’t expect others to.

When I do free consults with potential clients, I’m not trying to be charismatic (that would be awful). I do, however, believe very strongly in what I do. So, I speak with natural confidence. I know that when the right client invests time, money and effort with me, their life will change for the better. And I know who the right clients are, and who falls outside of my limitations.

This confidence in myself, in them, and in the process comes across and helps them cross the experience gap.

Do you believe that what you have to offer is one of the very best things the right people can do for themselves? If not, you must find a way to believe it!

2. Align Yourself in the Most Effective Way

Here’s how to align yourself to be as influential as humanly possible. Your goal – 100% of it – should be to get the client results. If you don’t believe you can do this, don’t take the client.

Don’t think about yourself or what you have to gain – that will come as you deliver results for the client. Being aligned in this way is the only way. There’s no hidden agenda. No lingering selfish motive. No shenanigans.

So, with each and every client, as you write down their goals, immerse yourself in how you will feel when they achieve those goals. This is alignment, which is another piece of the bridge that crosses the experience gap.

3. Put Your Resources Behind Your Goals.

One of the helpful tenets of NLP is to identify the positive resources you have to achieve your desired outcomes. So, if you want to make more money, then which resources should you muster?

If you know that you are creative and determined, then keep those qualities conscious and available for when challenges arise. Notice specifically when your creativity and determination are most needed. It keeps you from getting stuck while building your business.

4. Stack your Sales Message for Success.

This tip is huge. Your headlines, marketing copy and any message you give should be stacked in favor of helping the client make the right decision. Now, the decision may be ‘no,’ And that is a good thing. You only want to work with the right clients who are ready (and there are literally millions and millions of them out there).

When creating a message that is intended to help a client make a decision, why not create an effective one?

  • You may already know to highlight the benefits of your product.
  • You may know how to create compelling headlines.
  • You may understand how to keep your message clear and simple.


Seven Ways to Increase Your Private Pay Income

Mike Bundrant

Mike Bundrant is the author of the Windfall Coaching Program for professionals who want to grow a private pay coaching, counseling or consulting practice. Windfall is a one-on-one mentoring system that teaches you how to sign up new clients respectfully and consistently. For a free assessment of your private practice readiness for Windfall, please contact Mike at iNLP Center.


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