Seven Ways to Increase Your Private Pay Income

Also, you may consider the following:

Use both toward and away motivation. NLP teaches us that people are motivated toward what they want and away from what they don’t want.

Instead of saying: Improve your health.
Say: Improve your health and avoid getting lifestyle-related diseases.

Instead of saying: Work for yourself.
Say: Work for yourself and give up the 9-5 grind.

Including both toward and away from motivation sends a more complete and often more compelling message.

Additionally, learn to speak your client’s non-verbal language. If they are using visual words, then paint them a picture of success. If they are using auditory words, then help them tune into your message. If they are using feeling-oriented words, then get them in touch with the positive possibilities.

None of this means that a client is appropriate to work with you. However, if they are the right client for you – if you really can help them – why not speak their language?

5. Demonstrate Your Value in the Most Obvious, Undeniable Way.

This action may be your biggest selling point. Crossing the experience gap can be successfully done by giving prospects an actual (if limited) experience!

This is the genius behind every free trial offer. If you’re a coach, counselor or consultant, then you should offer prospective clients a free, targeted, introductory session. This session is not a casual conversation. You need to structure it to give your prospect an amazing experience in about 30-45 minutes.

Now, you may think that’s a lot of time to invest up front, but I guarantee it’s worth it, if you do it right.

Your Free Session Should:

  • Be designed to help with a specific problem, so that clients can easily identify whether or not it’s for them. (You can offer a variety of problem or specific goal-oriented free sessions).
  • Help clients identify the specifics of what they want and associate pleasure with getting it.
  • Help clients identify specific inner and outer obstacles and see the relationship of those obstacles to their goals.
  • Offer a brief intervention to give the client an experience of transformation.

After a positive outcome, extend an invitation to continue getting results over a specific period of time.

This targeted and clearly structured approach is infinitely more effective than merely saying: Contact me to discuss whether or not working together is right for both us.

Don’t do that. Give your prospects the real deal. It will help them decide to work with you right away and clear up any doubts they have, if it is indeed appropriate to work together.

6. Fall in Love with Objections.

Objections are your best friend. They help you give the client more experience of you and take another step across the experience gap. And they help you mutually understand when working together is not the right thing to do. This is always a good thing. You don’t want clients to make a decision to work with you based on false assumptions.

You’re in a win-win situation with objections. If you cannot overcome them, then you’ve just saved yourself and your client from a bad decision.

So, welcome objections. You need to understand them, anyway, as they make up part of your clients psychology and part of their real life situation.

7. Step Back and Never Take it Personally.

Good practice for helping professionals is to step back and view your own process from what in NLP we call third position (neutral observer). This perspective is great for viewing interactions that didn’t go well. You’ll learn a lot if you can do it.

Mostly, if a client needs to stop or a new prospect doesn’t sign on, let it go. In every interaction, do everything you can to facilitate their growth process. That’s your job. If you do it well, you’ll never lack for clients.

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Seven Ways to Increase Your Private Pay Income

Mike Bundrant

Mike Bundrant is the author of the Windfall Coaching Program for professionals who want to grow a private pay coaching, counseling or consulting practice. Windfall is a one-on-one mentoring system that teaches you how to sign up new clients respectfully and consistently. For a free assessment of your private practice readiness for Windfall, please contact Mike at iNLP Center.


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