The Story of Dr. Spyder

Ms. Gregory looked at her hard, saying nothing, motionless. Her face betrayed a slight sympathy.

“I may not eat you. There may be hope for you yet. As a professional you have acted shamelessly. But because I am fair minded, I will allow you choices. You may quit professional psychology or you may complete a two year post-doc on advanced parametric statistics or you can face a complaint with the Florida Board of Psychology. Or, then again, I guess I can simply eat you.”

Horrendous choices, thought Dr. Spyder. She pondered.


Dr. Spyder worked hard on herself for three years. She took courses, studied, took out loans and built a new office in a different county in Florida. She acknowledged that she was not by nature a very clear thinker. She dressed au natural—making no pretenses. A spider she was and she wouldn’t hide it.

She made no effort to conceal her shiny exoskeleton and the bright red hourglass on her belly. Her clients liked her new scary look. During all this time, Ms. Gregory remained her close friend.

Today, she waited for her new client. Nowadays, she did not use a desk but just hung upside down in a corner web. It was more honest. Her reputation was growing as a result of the changes. A knock on the door and a new client entered.

Dr. Spyder extended a hairy arm “Hello, I am Annie Spyder, Attorney, Specializing in Family Law.”

Spider photo available from Shutterstock

The Story of Dr. Spyder