Thriving & Surviving in the Age of Managed Care

While defining yourself on a personal level is extremely relevant, defining your services and target populations are an important step in effective marketing.

Effective marketing involves communicating very specifically about who you are and what you do. If you go to, you will find that the definition of a niche market is defined as: a demand for a very specialized product or commodity or a specialized and profitable part of a commercial market; a narrowly targeted market.

Based on this definition, to say you are a therapist or a healer, or a clinician, is way too generic. You need to define and narrow it down to whom you want to communicate.  By zeroing in on a specific niche and targeting in on what specific services you can provide for that specific population, you will develop an advantage as a specialist in your field.

Once you have clearly defined your areas of specialization, and who your target populations are, you can begin tailoring articles that communicate your expertise and speak to your audience.

It is important to note that content style for the web differs from print. When writing for the web make sure your headline includes keywords that describe the content of your article.

This approach is important for search engine optimization. You want to condense your knowledge into an article that specifically addresses the immediate needs of the reader, but you also want to lead the reader by including personal perspectives and your orientation.

While the reader is searching for nuggets of information, they may also be seeking a unique sense of expertise and guidance. You want your article to encourage the reader to scan your author’s bio in the resource box located below each article. The resource box is where you can hyperlink to your web site and offer succinct concise information about what you do and who you are.

Your articles will link back to your professional web site through the resource box, so it’s important to clearly define yourself in five to six sentences, so that the reader scanning your article is encouraged to click on the link to your website.

In these economic times, generating diverse revenue streams has become a necessary reality for many private practitioners. I’ve discovered that making the effort to write articles for online publications offers you the chance to have niche related articles published and shared with a worldwide audience.

Practical Solutions

Developing workshops, educational seminars, teaching and authoring are also practical solutions. Depending on your professional skills and preferences, these options can be invaluable adjuncts to sustaining a viable private practice.

Diversifying also affords the potential for growth and empowerment. As for me, writing has become an integral aspect of my work as a clinician and as a playwright of therapeutic theater. It’s become an invaluable means by which I can effectively communicate about my work as a clinician in private practice, as well as expressing my perceptions of psychotherapy as a contemporary spiritual path and a creative process, which assists with accessing the resources within all of us that inspire wholeness.

In Carl Jung’s autobiography, “Memories, Dreams, Reflections,” I came across this passage. Jung wrote:

“All my writings may be considered tasks imposed from within; their source was a fateful compulsion. What I wrote were things that assailed me from within myself. I permitted the spirit that moved me to speak out. I have never counted upon any strong response, any powerful resonance, to my writings. They represent a compensation for our times, and I have been impelled to say what no one wants to hear. For that reason, and especially at the beginning, I often felt utterly forlorn. I knew that what I said would be unwelcome, for it is difficult for people of our times to accept the counterweight to the conscious world. Today I can say that it is truly astonishing that I have had as much success as has been accorded me. ”

What Jung’s words inspire in me, and hopefully in you as well, is that whatever you write, risk communicating from the source within yourself that expresses the truth of who you are, and irrespective of key words, niche marketing, hyperlinks and search engine optimization, those you are meant to reach will most certainly find you.

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Thriving & Surviving in the Age of Managed Care

Rev Sheri Heller, LCSW

Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW, is a seasoned NYC psychotherapist with 25+ years experience in the addiction and mental health fields. Sheri is also an interfaith minister and playwright, and the founder of The Sistah Tribe - Phoenix Project, a therapeutic theater event for at-risk women and girls in the public sector of NYC. For more information, visit


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