Waste of Time

Be Fierce

  • Do only those things that matter.
  • Limit (not cut out completely) dawdle time.
  • End a conversation/relationship that isn’t going anywhere.
  • Stop doing things that don’t bring joy or results.
  • Cancel a commitment
  • Skip a task.
  • Silence all distractions.
  • Choose a task or a path. Don’t relent. Focus.
  • Say no.

Call Up Your Inner Sage

  • Take a minute to list what you’d like to accomplish while being realistic about how long each item will take to complete.
  • Arrive late/leave early (aka swoop in/swoop out—not recommended for one-on-one meetings).
  • Show up for things that matter.
  • Keep doing things that work.
  • Multi-task (laundry, dishes, Crockpot and Roomba/iRobot work well simultaneously with little drama).
  • Take advantage of in-between times (i.e. sneak an important two-minute call between appointments, take a few minutes for micro-meditation moments).
  • Respond/engage only when you’re ready.
  • Let efficiency increase naturally (don’t force it).
  • Do only those things that have an urgent deadline
  • Screen calls/scan e-mails.
  • Partner with another taskmaster and take turns doing each other favors.
  • Make chores fun (crank up Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive,” dance around and get some exercise in).

Succumb To Its Might

  • Ask for help (hire a professional or an intern or enlist a volunteer).
  • Let things be (wrinkles, jiggles, warts and all).
  • Let go of guilt and enjoy every second.
  • Do you have a healthy relationship with time? What are some ways you’ve made peace with time?


Managing our time is taking control of our lives. We are the mechanism to creating our happiness. We are taught to give of our time to make a living in this day and age, give to others precious time but to what extent does it become a mandate versus a choice?

I am now creeping up on 60. What used to be important to me as lost its luster and I am finding solace in the fact I am who I am and it is time to gather what time I have left and make the best of it.

Yes, I have regrets but what can I really affect? Can I move back the clock and change past thoughts and actions? Can I move forward worrying about details I have no effect over? In reality, all I have is the here and now and understanding how to take control of it rather than it controlling me.

Days become weeks and weeks become months and before you know it, you’re blowing out another added candle on the cake. Take back your life, become aware of the precious commodity called time, and control it before it controls what it’s left of yours.

“How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness how the time has flown. How did it get so late so soon?”
–Dr. Seuss

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Waste of Time