Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

FREE Autism Downloads

Following is a list of links which offer free downloads related to autism. Educate Autism This site offers a variety of free downloads for individuals with autism. Examples of some of the available downloads include: body parts identification worksheets, colors, hand-writing, fine motor skill...
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Carlat Psychiatry Report

How to Read a Research Article

Dr. Sonkiss has disclosed that he has no relevant relationships or financial interests in any commercial company pertaining to this educational activity. As a physician, you’re expected to practice evidence-based medicine. But how can anyone keep up with the latest research? While there are lots of secondary sources of information (including The...
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7 Ways a Boss Can Be Abusive

Usually, abusive behavior is discussed in the context of a marriage and parent/child relationships. But in reality, it can exist anywhere, even in a work environment. Many larger corporations address obvious abuse such as hitting or screaming though their human resource departments. Yet few...
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