Tips for Dealing with Hyperactive Children

I often see parents of hyperactive children who say that they feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and tired from dealing with their child’s limitless energy. They are also frustrated that their child is doing poorly in school, has difficulty listening and following directions, and is often...
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Children & Teens

Scoliosis and Body Image

There are many things that lead to a negative or distorted body image. One that I have found very little research on is the effect of deformities on body image. This can include countless medical conditions and complications caused by accidents such as burns,...
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10 Ways to Improve Body Image

Are your clients consumed with negative thoughts about their looks? How much of their time is spent obsessing over body image? We live in a culture fixated with outward appearances. This body image obsession breeds discontentment and discontentment in turn causes money to be...
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