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The Genetic Footprint

Clinical practice within the profession of psychology has been in the news of late as the debate on the efficacy of drug-based treatment vs. psychotherapy becomes more heated. Recent reports on the problems with drug research, the lack of information given to clients on...
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    Business Advice for Therapists

    Why Social Media Matters

    I believe we are here to make a difference in the world. As therapists we often do this through our relationships with clients. I call it changing the family tree. Work that can impact not just the individual but will ripple into generations beyond....
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    Failing in Slow Motion

    I’ve always heard this notion that failure is a part of business. That you can’t succeed without failing. I always found it unsettling to read and, having had plenty of successes without failures, hoped it was meant for OTHER people in OTHER industries. I...
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    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

    FREE Autism Downloads

    Following is a list of links which offer free downloads related to autism. Educate Autism This site offers a variety of free downloads for individuals with autism. Examples of some of the available downloads include: body parts identification worksheets, colors, hand-writing, fine motor skill...
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