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Coping Skills

Midwife at the End of Life

In recent conversation with a long -time friend who has extensive background in hospice, ministry, massage, art and writing, we were exploring the idea of her being a death midwife who would be with someone when they pass. She has the compassion and necessary...
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How Antipsychotic Medication May Save Lives

One way anti-psychiatry groups trivialize psychosis and marginalize psychiatry is by emphasizing the adverse effects of antipsychotic medications while denying or minimizing their To be sure, the well-recognized metabolic, neurological and cardiovascular risks associated with many antipsychotic medications must be taken very seriously....
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care measurement

Recovery Programs: Empathy as a Necessary Tool

Recovery can be defined as a return to a normal state of mind, strength or health, which indicates that the focus of recovery programs should be on a return to the normal, or original state, prior to the onset of a mental illness.  With...
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Mindfulness for Relapse Prevention

Addiction relapse prevention approaches have traditionally focused on challenging the thoughts that contribute to and exacerbate addictive behaviors as well as helping those in recovery develop healthier coping strategies in challenging situations. These approaches, which are rooted in the cognitive behavioral tradition, have rarely...
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