The Stress Spectrum

At almost every moment of our lives, we are affected by stress. Whether enjoying a sense of thrill – one end of the stress spectrum – or struggling with burnout or trauma symptoms at the other end, managing stress is central to the experience...
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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Lego Therapy for Children with Autism

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder struggle with inappropriate or delayed social skills, fine motor skills, group skills, communication skills, attention skills, play skills, and more. Professionals from many fields are involved in the care of children with ASD including speech therapists, occupational therapists, mental...
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PTSD and Sexual Dysfunction in Veterans

Sexual dysfunction is a common complaint of many people seeking psychotherapy. In fact, it’s estimated that approximately half of women and a third of men suffer from some degree of sexual dysfunction. What is sexual dysfunction? There are several perspectives among mental health practitioners...
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Why Mid-Life Crisis Happens

A bad outcome of a mid-life crisis tosses people into counseling. They report that the person they knew became entirely different over night.  It is almost cliché that with a mid-life crisis comes the impractical sports car, the extramarital affair, late nights at bars,...
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Good Friends, Good Marriage

In my work counseling couples, I am often asked, “what makes for a good marriage?” There are a number of responses to that question: good communication, trust, realistic expectations, compromise, sharing, teamwork and more. One of the key factors that I frequently see in...
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Managing Emotions

Tips to Control Your Anger

When we think of anger, we think that it is bad and harmful. But what if we think of anger as actually being good and helpful? According to Hoy & Griffin (2012), “anger is like a warning signal alerting you that something is wrong....
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Coping Skills

The Addicted Narcissist

One of the hardest types of people to deal with is a narcissist in the middle their addiction. They are completely exhausting. The combined selfishness of narcissism and addictive behavior is overpowering, relentless, callous, and frequently abusive. This destructive blend of arrogant thinking in...
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